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AquaShield® CO2 Water Bottle System

The disposable AquaShield® system offers a safe and convenient alternative to reprocessing reusable water bottle systems.

  • Used in conjunction with the endoscope’s air/water function to clean the scope lens

  • Saves time and money associated with reprocessing – there is no need to reprocess or replace lost/damaged components

  • Proactively supports patient safety by reducing the risk of bacterial contamination that may remain in reusable systems

  • A 24-hour use system – use one for the day and throw it away

  • Available for use with air or COinsufflation

  • Dual tube system with easy pinch clamp

  • Long shelf life Vs rival products

00711599AquaShield® Holder-1

Product Code Description Compatibility Box Size
00711541 AquaShield® CO2 Water Bottle System Olympus 140/160/180 Series (10cm line)/ Baxter 25
00711543 AquaShield® CO2 Water Bottle System Braun and Fresenius Compatible/Baxter 25
00711550 AquaShield® Water Bottle System Pentax/Baxter 25
00711551 AquaShield® CO2 Water Bottle System Pentax (152cm line)/ Baxter 25
00711553 AquaShield® CO2 Water Bottle System Fujifilm/Baxter 25
00711599 AquaShield® Holder 1
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