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  • Torrent Irrigation Tubing
  • Torrent Irrigation Tubing
  • Torrent Irrigation Tubing

Torrent® Irrigation Tubing

The Torrent® Irrigation Tubing is compatible with Olympus, ERBE, and Byrne electric pumps.

  • Offers a single-use connector, supporting patient safety and reducing risk of cross-contamination

  • Features 24-hour use irrigation tubing – use for a day then throw it away

  • Eliminates time and costs associated with reprocessing and replacing reusable tubing

Product Code Description Compatibility Length (cm) Box Size
00711562 Torrent® Irrigation Tubing For Olympus Electric Pumps/Baxter 366 25
00711563 Torrent® Irrigation Tubing for ERBE/ Byrne Electric Pumps/Baxter 366 25


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