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  • BioVac Direct Suction Device

BioVac® Direct Suction Device

BioVac® Direct Suction Device is designed to evacuate viscous materials, like gelatinous blood and clots, which may otherwise block the control head of the endoscope, extending procedure and scope cleaning duration.

  • Enhanced suction, facilitating increased volume and quicker evacuation

  • The ability to irrigate as much as desired via a dedicated external flushing port

  • Direct visualisation via the endoscope to easily target bleed and evacuation sites

  • Uninterrupted instrument access, enabling the clinician to utilise the BioVac® suction capabilities as well as providing therapeutic treatment via the accessory channel

Product Code Description Scope Compatibility Device Access Y-Port Box Size
00711511 BioVac® Direct Suction Device Pentax Yes No 5
00711513 BioVac® Direct Suction Device Olympus/ Fujinon Yes Yes 5
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