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  • Endo-Boot Endoscope Tip Protector
  • Endo-Boot Endoscope Tip Protector

Endo-Boot™ Endoscope Tip Protector

Endo-Boot™ helps to protect endoscopes from potentially costly repairs and downtime.  It also protects the bending section and distal lenses of the endoscope during transportation and storage. 

  • Features a simple, easy to use design

  • Reduce the chance of damage and costly repairs to the scope

  • Disposable and suited to different sizes of endoscopes

Product Code Description Working Length (cm) Pouch Dimensions (cm) Opening Dimensions (mm) Box Size
00711621 Endo-BootEndoscope Tip Protector for Scopes < 5mm 14 4 3 – 7 50
00711622 Endo-Boot™ Endoscope Tip Protector for Scopes > 5mm 14 4 7 – 18 50
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