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  • Viper Haemo Clip
  • Viper Haemo Clip - live image

Viper Haemo Clip

Viper incorporates exceptional rotational control to ensure a precise placement with the ability to easily re-open and close the clip for effective repositioning at haemostasis sites.

  • Flexible Features – Rotational control and re-open/close functionality to allow precise placement and control of the Viper clip even in a fully angulated scope

  • Shorter Stem – Allows easier multiple clip placements to be achieved

  • Easy Deployment – Durable arms, with a choice of closing diameters of 11mm, 13mm and 16mm which ensures the Viper clip can accurately cover a larger closure site

  • MRI Conditional – Tested up to 3 TESLA

Product Code Description Jaw Opening (mm) Box Size
VIPER 135-11 Viper Haemo Clip 11 5
VIPER 135-13 Viper Haemo Clip 13 5
VIPER 135-16 Viper Haemo Clip 16 5
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AquaViper Haemoclip

The latest addition to the Viper range.  The AquaViper Haemoclip offers one to one rotation for precise placement even in the most tortuous positions.  Plus, has the additional benefit of a flushing catheter to assist with clear visualisation when clipping.

  • 2-way 360O Jaw Rotation – One to one rotation to ensure precise positioning and placement

  • Short Clip Length – Easier to place multiple clips without overlap.  Easier deployment and clip detachment – ‘One Click and It’s Gone!’

  • Unlimited Repositioning – Avoids wasted clips and shortens procedure time

  • 135O Opening Angle – Allows for greater flexibility of placement in difficult areas of the GI Tract

  • Integral Flushing Port -Can be used in conjunction with external water pump

  • MRI Safe – Nitinol clip ensures MRI compatibility (Conditional to 3 TESLA)

  • Compatibility with a wide range of scopes – 230cm catheter length.  Flexible catheter allows placement in retroflex positions and via a side-viewing scope

  • New ergonomic handle – Making it easier for smoother deployment and ‘Right-First-Time’ clip release

Product Code Description Jaw Opening (mm) Box Size
AQUA VIPER AquaViper HaemoClip 11 5
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