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  • Traxtion Snare
  • Traxtion Snare

Traxtion™ Hexagonal Snare

Arguably one of the stiffest snares on the market today. The stiff, hexagonal braided wire provides exceptional grip of the mucosa during procedures. The design of the snare incorporates memory points in its nitinol wire to ensure that is consistently opens in the same way despite lengthy and heavy use.

  • 018” diameter wire requiring no changes to electrocautery settings

  • Ability to maintain shape and integrity with multiple resections

  • Long lasting integrity of the shape may reduce the need for additional snares

Product Code Description Snare Size (mm) Wire Type Sheath Diameter (mm) Sheath Length (cm) Box Size
00711113 Traxtion™ Hexagonal Snare 25 x 40 Braided 2.3 230 10
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